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General HashiCorp News

HashiConf EU 2019 is today!

If you weren't aware, HashiConf EU 2019 started today and they've already made a major announcement regarding Consul (more in the Consul section below).






HashiTimes Interview

HashiCorp Employee - Adam Cavaliere

Back at it again, HashiTimes brings you another interview of HashiCorp employees we feel like you'd be interested in hearing from. This issue, we interviewed Adam Cavaliere, Solutions Engineering Director for the Midwest at HashiCorp, who's been at HashiCorp for a few years and has experienced its tremendous growth.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background around HashiCorp, and what do you do Professionally at HashiCorp?

I have been working in the IT industry for almost 2 decades, starting out on the customer side, working for a good range of companies, like Allstate, TransUnion, and CatamaranRx (now part of OptumRx). These gave me a good view of operational complexity and the challenges IT teams face. About 6 years ago I made the jump to the vendor side and have been with HashiCorp for the last year and a half. I started out with the company when we only had 17 Solutions Engineers worldwide (now at around 95!). I currently lead the Solutions Engineering team for the Midwest region. The Solutions Engineering team works with customers to understand their challenges and help find solutions that will ultimately solve the complex problems they are running into.

Many organizations today are building next-generation applications or moving towards consuming Cloud computing. What are some of the themes & challenges you see among your clients building next-generation applications or where they are along this Cloud journey?

I’d say the main themes that I have seen revolve around delivering the promise of Cloud while maintaining a secure and operationally efficient process. What I mean by this is that the cloud offers the ability to be very flexible and iterate quickly. Most organizations though are stuck maintaining an ITIL process that isn’t ready for the cloud, and because of that a lot of the processes and systems they are utilizing cannot keep up with the speed that is desired by teams delivering next-generation applications. For those organizations that have been able to embrace the cloud in a more flexible way, the other challenge is the fact that each cloud provider has a different way of solving for provisioning, securing, connecting and running applications.

What is your favorite HashiCorp product and why?

Honestly, I love them all for different reasons. If I had to choose one, I have gravitated to Terraform Enterprise because I see how it is able to solve so many organizational challenges and it has been a passion of mine to relate back the way I see it transforming the capabilities of infrastructure and applications teams. This is because of the provider model, which enables the core cloud providers to have their resources provisioned, and all of the additional infrastructure and cloud services to be addressed as well.

Not everyone is ready to push everything to the cloud, but at the same time, they want to adopt the cloud operating model capabilities, and Terraform enables this as well. The promise of speed, also means that self-service is fully available as well, both for on-prem and cloud deployments. Traditionally self-service has only served a very narrow set of use cases. One of the core reasons is that self-service means different things to different groups. Some want a push-button ordering capability, and others want to be able to define the resources they need. Terraform Enterprise supports both of those workflows.

Finally, how do you believe the HashiCorp Community plays a part in the overall success of HashiCorp as a company?

The community is a large part of why our tools are so successful. If you look at the number of contributors to all of our products, it is astounding to see, and really shows the power of open source. Some of the examples that really shine are along the lines of the contributions into the providers in Terraform, to the simplest things like making suggestions for fixing some of our documentation. The passion for our products can be seen by the number of contributors on Github, and the passionate discussions on Reddit. Along with this, the amount of local HashiCorp User Group meetups that we see, and the growth in that space has really shown how many people are trying to solve for a lot of the same challenges. This enables more people to become educated on how to solve these challenges and bounce ideas off of each other as well.

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