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Our New Logo!

Happy to finally add our permanent logo to our newsletter. Here are some cool design rationale that was thought of during the creation:

  • the "HashiTimes" typeface matches the typeface used in all the HashiCorp product marks... maintains the brand
  • the "arc" represents innovation and dispensing of information; the colors tie to the product lines
  • the product marks are a part of the HashiTimes logo for cognitive recognition
  • "news" is in color to convey the purpose of HashiTimes


Embrace the Community - Join and Attend a HashiCorp User Group

Whether you're an expert or just getting started, your local HashiCorp User Groups (HUG) can be a very beneficial group to get involved with, providing learning opportunities along with networking with like-minded folks (yes, even you introverts - get out there). With 21,000+ members, HUGs continue to launch across the nation and throughout the world, bringing users and enthusiasts together to share their knowledge and experience.

Make sure to check out the main HUG site to find the closest HUG to you. If you've got a story to share, reach out to the leader and propose a talk. I've presented at the Chicago HUG, Charlotte HUG, and we're speaking at the inaugural Raleigh HUG meeting this week.

Attend, Connect, and Engage.


Alert! 0.12.0-rc1 has been released

Oh, boy! We're inching ever so close to the highly-anticipated 0.12 release. According to the Terraform changelog, the next release looks like it might be 0.12. Make sure to check out the release candidate which was released May 7th.


Enabling Autocomplete for Vault CLI

After installing HashiCorp Vault, don’t forget to enable autocompletion, which is helpful for flags, subcommands, and arguments while working in the CLI. You can enable it by running:

$ vault -autocomplete-install


How Does Raft Work?

Check out this awesome graphic by Denise Yu and Matt Turner on the Raft protocol.

If you weren't aware, Consul uses the Raft protocol to provide consistency among Consul nodes



HashiTimes Interview

HashiCorp Employee - Katie Reese

Here at HashiTimes, we're all about the community (hence this newsletter). For this issue, we were very excited and fortunate enough to sit down with Katie Reese - Community Manager at HashiCorp. If you've watched any of the HashiTalk videos, you've seen some of the awesome stuff she's doing - and odds are you saw Katie hosting the presenters as well.

Tell us about yourself, how long you’ve been at HashiCorp, and what do you do?

{insert elevator pitch here} I have been with HashiCorp since February 2018 and I work with an incredible team as the Community Manager. I am based in NYC.

Earlier this year, you organized and lead HashiTalks, a 24-hour community-driven event where folks from around the world presented on various topics relating to HashiCorp products. What was the most exciting part of this event? What’s in store for future HashiTalks?

I'm glad you asked about HashiTalks! It went really well. The idea for this virtual event came from a community member and was ultimately powered by the community at large. For me, the most exciting part of this event was getting to interact with our roster of speakers. Some were seasoned speakers, and some were first-timers. It felt good to create an environment that made beginners feel as welcomed and empowered as our experienced speakers. Thousands of viewers from all over the world tuned in. We can’t wait to host again next year.

How do you believe the HashiCorp community plays a part in the overall success of HashiCorp as a company?

When we define the HashiCorp community, we consider our practitioners, the people knowledge sharing at HUGs, community sponsored events and HashiCorp conferences, and then the virtual community interacting with us through GitHub, social media, and other digital platforms. The builders and innovators that make up the HashiCorp community are our inspiration. HashiCorp tooling has evolved because of input from and focus on our practitioners.

Can you give us some clues into future events and how the community can stay involved?

There are many ways to stay engaged with HashiCorp. Offline, I recommend attending HashiConf or HashiConf EU, and attending a HUG Meetup. Online, you can subscribe for our newsletter, HashiBits, and follow us on twitter, @hashicorp. We will be rolling out a Community Portal and Forum in the near future to enable folks to better engage with us.

Tell us all about HashiCorp User Groups - how fast it's growing, how many chapters there are, and plans to continue to grow the HUG community.

Our HUG network is growing quickly. Right now we have 98 chapters across 40 countries. HashiConf EU is coming up in July. HUG involvement jumps exponentially after one of our conferences. Additionally, I am thrilled when I see representatives from our partner network getting involved with their local chapter. It adds a lot of value when they are able to host, socialize to their network, and share their unique HashiCorp tooling use cases.

HashiConf continues to grow year over year and is quickly becoming a ‘must attend’ event. What can you share about this year’s flagship event in which attendees can look forward to?

HashiConf is our flagship user and technology conference curated especially for the community. We are holding over 50 sessions and people will have direct access to HashiCorp experts. We have an amazing Events and Experiential team, I can't wait to see what this year holds.

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